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Mesiac fotografie 2017 - Portfolio review

Foto: Petet Procházka


Ravi Deepres (UK)
Award winning Photographer, Film maker and Artist, a Professor In Photography and Moving Image at Birmingham City University, UK
How can he help the participant?
He is interested in helping to develop work from individual or collaborative participants, based on photographic practice which has the potential to explore expanded narratives through complimentary mediums, such as Moving Image, sound, installation. Particularly in the areas of conceptual documentary, fine art and fashion and choreographically related work.
He has a wide overview and involvement with multi-disciplinary arts and able to advise on potentially beneficial contacts and opportunities.

Mišo Suchý (SK / USA)
suchy m
documentary filmmaker and photographer, originally from Bratislava, Slovakia. He is Associate Professor at the Department of Transmedia, Syracuse University.
Mišo’s photographs has been exhibited in different places worldwide.
How can he help the participant?
Mišo’s interests include the relationship between still and moving images, and the development of long-term projects.


Lida Suchy (SK / USA)
suchy l
She is a first generation American born into a refugee family from Eastern Europe. Her photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums in the United States and Europe.   Lida’s work has been published in LIFE Magazine, National Geographic... Her photographs are in the collections of the George Eastman House, the Brooklyn Museum, Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris and SF MoMA.
How can she help the participant?
Lida has taught photography for more than 15 years, helping young artists build and refine portfolios for specific audiences. Lida earned an MFA from Yale University.

1. Krzysztof Miller (Pl)

19 times the Polish national diving champion. Since 1989 / for 25 years / a photojournalist for Gazeta Wyborcza, first independent newspaper in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2000 Juror of World Press Photo.


2. Bill Kouwenhoven (USA)


A Berlin-based independent critic and curator with 20 years of experience writing countless articles, reviews, and interviews for diverse magazines such as photo metro, hotshoe, and european photography, as well as two dozen artist's monographs.
How can he help the participant?
He can help advise photographers about portfolio development, galleries and publications. He is especially interested in long-term documentary oriented projects but can be persuaded by a strong portfolio. He speaks english, german, spanish, and some french.

 3. Henriette Väth-Hinz (D)


Art- and photohistorian, former executive director and now projectmanager of Triennial of Photography Hamburg. She has curated many photo shows and participated at many portfolio reviews, writes articles about photographers and photography.
How can she help the participant?
Using her extensive experience in the field of photography, she will advise aspiring photographers and suggest ways in which the practice might develop. She is interested in any kind of photography except amateur and hobby photographs.


4. Bohunka Koklesová (SR)


Teacher of Art History in Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Curator
Only on Saturday
How can she help the participant?
I think that the photography stands on an equal relationship between talent and intellect. I can help to clarify the concept of the project.


5. Pavel Maria Smejkal (SK)

A chairman of PhotoART Centrum in Košice, Slovakia, curator, visual artist
How can he help the participant?
Mr. Smejkal likes to see photographic series with a well-developed idea behind, especially interested in conceptual works, but enjoy any good body of work linked to today topics or contemporary thinking. Smejkal will offer critical feedback and advices to help participant´s career or offer some collaboration in his projects and activities.


6. Pavlína Vogelová (CZ)
Unfortunately is not coming


Curator, theory and history of film and photography, collection-building and exhibition-activities National Museum, Prague, Czech Republic
Only on Saturday
How can she help the participant?

She can recommend artwork for exhibitions and publications, critical feeback.


7. Gábor Arion Kudász (Hu)


Photographer, Assistant Professor, coordinator of the Photography Masters program of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest
How can he help the participant?
Arion offers honest and detailed feedback on works in progress, advice on theme, editing or exhibition plans. He is interested in any kind of work that makes use of photography, with a special affinity towards book projects.


8. Irina Chmyreva, (RU)


Art-director PhotoVisa; Senior Researcher, Russian Academy of Arts, National Institute
of Theory and History of Art, Moscow, Russia; curator of the Project In Support for
Photography in Russia running by IRIS Foundation
Only on Friday
How can she help the participant?
She may provide assistance in editing current projects or advise a direction to continue the work including a direction to promote complete projects. If an author’s photographs meet the concept of projects in development (a festival or an exhibition) she may invite him or her for collaboration in these projects.


9. Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger (Fin)

Chief Curator, The Finnish Museum of Photography,Helsinki, Finland. Also writer and researcher focused on contemporary photographic art.
How can she help the participant?
She can offer an insightful and critical feedback of vision and editing of photography series. She is always looking for new talents and new approaches for solo or group exhibitions and publications.


10. Saul Robbins (USA)


© Emile Dubuisson
International Center of Photography (New York). He gives privat consultations about professional development and best business practices for photographers.
How can he help the participant?
Mr. Robbins prefers to review photographic series with a well-developed thesis and intent, and he is especially interested in work that explores and pushes boundaries, be they of a personal nature or ones relating to contemporary photographic process and materials. Robbins will offer constructive feedback and resources for professional advancement in the US and Europe.


11. Maarten Schilt (NL)
Unfortunately is not coming

Schilt Publishing & Schilt Gallery, Amsterdam
How can he help the participant?
He can help photographers by commenting in general on their work and specifically about book publishing possibilities as well as gallery representation.


 12. Jonas Staselis (LT)
Chairman of Lithuanian Photographers' Association, member of the board of magazine "Fotografija" (Lithuania), President of Lithuanian Press Photographers Club, organiser of international photojournalism festival "Vilniaus fotografijos ratas" (Vilnius, Lithuania), a member of the Nominating Committee of the Joop Swart Masterclass.
How can he help the participant?
He could analyse/review portfolio and suggest advice on portfolio development. He is interested in seeing documentary projects, fine art photography. He is interested in pictures which are more about story-telling than technical perfection. He could give advice in finding answers to questions that may come up during a review. He is not interested in commercial, advertising, travel photography. He is able to assist in organizing exhibitions in Lithuania.

13. Michael Benson (UK)
Unfortunately is not coming


Director of the Prix Pictet in which role he has curated over 50 exhibitions worldwide.  He has also curated the Sony World Photography Award exhibition since 2011 and became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) in 2009  In 2014 he was appointed to the Board of the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography (FEP).  Michael Benson is a Founding Director of Photo London which will hold its inaugural edition in May 2015. He is also writer and film producer.  

How can he help the participant?
Using my extensive curatorial experience he will analyse and review each candidate’s portfolio and suggest ways in which the practice might develop.

14. Nadia Rovderová (CZ/SK)

Artinbox - Gallery of Photography, Prague
gallerist, curator, visual artist
How can she help the participant?
As a curator and owner  of a small gallery  in the very center of Prague dedicated mainly to photography she is able to assist in  organizing solo exhibitions but also - as her speciality - arranging the photography group shows. She is interested in all kinds of photography but primarily in art photography bordering with other media. 


15. Krzysztof Jurecki (Pl)
Critic and historian of art, freelancer curator
How can he help the participant?
I can wrote texts in Polish magazines, showing and comments photographs on  Safoto Web Galleries (USA), or my blog also trying organize solo or group exhibitions in Poland, as was in the case of Diane Ducruet, Corinna Steitz, Sylwia Kowalczyk, Katerina Mistal  which I met on Portfolio in Bratislava.

16. Juha Suonpää

Photographer, visual culture researcher, film maker and the Head of Fine Art Programme in TAMK University Finland.
How can he help the participant?
He has wrote a monograph for fine art students where he explored the most successful visual strategies used in contemporary fine art practices. By doing this beside his several other publications and his own artistic activities Dr. Suonpää is experienced to give practice based critique, advices and tutoring.




17. Dušan Kochol (SK)

Photographer, Curator, OFF_festival Bratislava Director, Art Director
Only on Saturday

How can he help the participant?

As a director and chief curator of OFF_festival Bratislava, 
I am always looking for young or emerging photographic talents
for possible future collaborations.

18. Gernot Schulz (At)

Gallery Schauraum 11/nullnull in Vienna,
Founder and organizer of VIENNA PHOTO AWARDS www.thevipawards.com
Collector and -c-urator
Only on Saturday
How can he help the participant?
As a gallerist an collector in the field of documentary photography he is always looking for interesting photographers from Southeast Europe.

19. Petra Cepková (SK)
Academy of Fine Art and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia
How can she help the participant?
She is consultant of photographies and she recommend new and inovative images for exhibitions.

20. Natalia Tarasova, (Ru)
Only on Friday
The curator of the project in Support of Photography in Russia Project, Iris Foundation,
Moscow. She is an editor of art catalogues and books and assiatant professor
in photography art department of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. 
How can she help the participant?
She would like to see new approaches to photographic portraits. She is willing to review both finished photographic series and individual photographs.

21. Judita Csáderová (SK)
The Union of Professional Photographers, Bratislava, Slovakia
How can she help the participant?
With photographers, we can discuss their further development. With advanced photographers, it can be interesting to exchange opinions and look for possibilities of their photographs presentations.

22. Michaela Bosáková (SK)
Project assistent/freelance curator
Central European House of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia
Only on Friday
How can she help the participant?
She can offer photographers contacts to galleries and possibilities to exhibit their work.

23. Yevgenyi Berezner (RU)
Deputy Director in Photographic Projects at ROSIZO State Centre for Museums &
Exhibitions of Ministry of Culture of Russia.
Only on Friday
How can he help the participant?
Evgeny Berezner is interested in all kinds, genres and schools of photography and arts based on photography. He may offer participation in the projects founded and curated by him to the authors who he is interested in.

24. Regina Maria Anzenberger (At) 
Photographer’s agent and gallery owner, AnzenbergerGallery, Vienna, Austria, co-director of the ViennaPhotoBookFestival
How can she help the participant?
She is representing photographers for worldwide editorial market (features and concepts) and exhibiting work in her photography gallery. She is also a member of the Nominating Comittee of the Joop Swart Masterclass and of the Prix Pictet.

Ida Kielmansegg 

26. Roberto Muffoletto (USA)

Director of the VASA Project. He earned his MFA at the Visual Studies Workshop (SUNY Buffalo) and his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He was the founder and director of CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY (USA).
How can he help the participant?
To provide some thoughts on their work and what appears to be a direction they can pursue.
He is also interested in seeing good work to include in the VASA e-Bookstore as e-portfolios.

27. Miha Colner (SI)/

Programme coordinator and curator at Photon - Centre for Contemporary Photography and Photonic Moments - Month of Photography festival in Ljubljana.
He starts sessions on Friday after lunch and the whole Saturday
How can he help the participant?

Gives opnion, reflection, advice and suggestions to photographers and artists

28. Susanne Gamauf (At)
Chair of Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna – curator - artist
How can she help the participant?
She´s always looking for young talents and thematics Fotogalerie Wien will focus on in the future.
She likes to share her experiances with others; as reviewer she has a good and critical eye on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of someone´s works


29. Gabriella Csizek (HU)

Curator, Hungarian House of Photography - Mai Manó House, Budapest
How can she help the participant?

She is mostly interested in the work of young photographers, including and encompassing all genres, even up to the extremes. She is captivated by material that interprets a topic or a concept through the personality of the individual photographer, be it documentarist or autonomous photography.
She collaborates with artists in putting together, selecting, and editing their photographs for exhibitions, albums, or books. She is of great assistance in giving advice or raising and finding answers to questions that may come up during a review session.
Series that grab her attention and appeal to her may later be selected and incorporated in exhibitions and volumes that she organizes or edits in Budapest, Hungary or throughout Europe.
She is the concept-project manager, editor, and curator of Present Continuous, the exhibition and catalog series of the Hungarian House of Photography.


30. Olja Triaška Stefanovič( SK/ SER)

Visual artist / Teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design / Department of Photography and New Media
Only on Friday
How can she help the participant?
She can provide critical feedback of work, how is portfolio presented and give advice where the work can be presented.

31. Markus Hippmann (At)

Founder and artistic director of House of Photography Vienna and PhotoSchool Vienna. 
How can he help the participant? 
He offers photographers the opportunity to discuss their work, projects and techniques and is again this year looking for new talented artists to possibly exhibit in the gallery.






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