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One on one photography course for a great price
Fotograficke kurzy pre dospelych - Courses in English

One day photography course for English speakers

Instructor:Mgr. art. Zuzana Muranicová
She earned her MFA in photography from the Ohio State University in
2008. From 2008 – 2012 she worked as an adjunct professor at the
Ohio State University, teaching various courses including digital and
analog photography.
Price: €140
Course duration: 6 hours
Number of participants: 1

Contact: Mgr. Lucia Matejovičová 0905 127 185
E-mail: mail lucia m
Zuzana Muranicová, 

We will try to fill your gaps in photography whether you are a beginner

or an intermediate. The date and course content will be adjusted to
your needs. You yourself will determine what you will focus on. The
beginners will find out more about the manual settings on their digital
cameras. Aperture, shutter speed, White Balance, ISO won’t be so
foreign any more. The intermediate can try out more bold and creative
photographic techniques – studio portraiture, night photography,
architecture, documentary photography.
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Zuzana Muranicová, Bernardicius                                           Zuzana Muranicová, Orlosky


Brief overview of the history of photography related to the given topic-
upon request
The price does not include a model.


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