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Course for English speaking kids with an interest in photography

 Instructor:Mgr. art. Zuzana Muranicová

She earned her MFA in photography from the Ohio State University in
2008. From 2008 – 2012 she worked as an adjunct professor at the
Ohio State University, teaching various courses including digital and
analog photography.
2-month course, 8 sessions total (April, May)
Fee: 52 Eur
Age: 7-15

Kontakt: Mgr. Lucia Matejovičová 0905 127 185

E-mail: mail lucia m

Zuzana Muranicová, Romes

The course is meant for English speaking kids between 7-15 years of
age who are interested in photography and want to learn more. In
addition to basic photographic instructions and concepts, the course
offers improvement of the English language with the help of various
games and description of our environment and photographic themes.
The subjects will vary from portraits, city, landscape, animals, still-lifes
to documents. The kids will gain new perspectives, photographic skills,
and diverse vocabulary.

Every week we will cover one specific theme. The two hours will be
spent on theory, presentation of different examples, practice, and
evaluation of final photographs. The practical part of the course will
take place either in the SEDF studio or in the city of Bratislava.

The course will be lectured in English.

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