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Home Výstavy Stredoeurópsky dom fotografie Ivo Karásek Journeys-24 stop overs /SK/CZ/ 19.4. - 21.5.2017
Ivo Karásek Journeys-24 stop overs /SK/CZ/ 19.4. - 21.5.2017



In today's hectic, chaotic time, we are constantly chasing ourselves from one place to another, driven by "obligations", with our heads full of thoughts about what everything we have to, we must do, we should do or we shouldn't do...We live in constant hustle, bustle and stress; we lose contact with life, with its true essence. In the pursuit of meaningless goals we lose contact not only with ourselves but also with our surroundings. We are not able to stop and just simply be and perceive; perceive the Journey that we take and all of its hidden beauty. The photographs from the series Journeys are exactly such a stop over.
The series Journeys originated within the project Late Light. It is a part of the permanent exhibition in the nursing home Sanco, in Prostejov. The Late Light project brings together artists from different fields (visual arts, music, literature, photography, theatre) and aims to contribute to the treatment of long-term patients using art as a therapeutic agent.

All of the photographs are signed on the back, equipped with embossing, a label with a unique number, and the signature of the author. This is a limited edition print with a maximum of 3 prints.

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