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Month of Photography 2017 - Portfolio review

Markus Hippmann and Ilona Braun from  FotoQuartier prepared exhibitions with participants from PR

Participants: Sonja Bachmayer,  Marjan Krebelj, Peter Jánošík


Patrick Keough
Is in contact with the winner of portfolio review Jan Brykczynski all infos on  VASA Transmedia International web site
Review on VASA Katrina Mistal on Mapping Europe.

Krzysztof Jurecki 
Is planing exhibitions of Robert Kiss and Katerina Mistal participants of portfolio review 2012 in the different projects.
He wrote a text about Marek Noniewicz from Poland http://jureckifoto.blogspot.com/
Gallery FF in Lodz informed that solo show of Katerina Mistal will be presented in 2014.

He recommended Czech photographer Rober Kiss , he is going to have presentation at http://fotoseptiembreusa.com/gallery/ 
You can find infos also http://jureckifoto.blogspot.sk/

Regina Maria Anzenberger
Regina Maria Anzenberger agency made a contract with the Polish photographer Jacek Fota and she start working with Katka Prackova for the gallery. There will be many other cooperations but this are the first ones.
Exhibitions of  
Anzenberger agency made a contract with Gera Artemova

Katarzyna Majak


Polish magazine Kwartalnik Fotografia awarded 2 winners with special mentions - Wim de Schamphelaere

 and Marjan Krebelj . Wim is going to have his portfolio published in one  of our forthcoming issues.

Maira Dudareva
Latvijas Fotogrāfijas muzeja vadītāja / Latvian Museum of Photography is preparing an exhibition of Jan Brykczynski in 2014.

Joanna Vasdeki

Joanna has been in contact with a couple of the photographers, has collected their work and shows it to her "Portfolio Development" students in Athens. This way both her students in Greece, benefit by seeing good examples of portfolios but also it is a very good (and alternative) way of promoting the photographers' works abroad. Among her students, one can find art collectors, photographers, art lovers etc; in other words, the reviewees' portfolios reach a very interesting group of people, they wouldn't otherwise meet. This is what Joanna has done until today with the works she has reviewed and in the previous years she also published their works in various Greek magazines.








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