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Home Exhibitions Central European House of Photography Žilvinas Glušinskas/ LT / Japan /Japin 1.3.- 16.4.2017
Žilvinas Glušinskas/ LT / Japan /Japin 1.3.- 16.4.2017


Žilvinas Glušinskas is a Lithuanian photographer who primarily works in the area of analog photography. In the last few years, he has been working with alternative prints, such as cyanotype, gum bichromate or lith-print. He uses self-made pinhole cameras for his works. Photos for Japan/Japin series have been taken using one of many pinhole cameras the photographer owns.

In 2013, while visiting the country of a rising sun, a pinhole camera has become the main tool to capture surrounding views”, the author says. “The series of photos was named JaPin (Japan+Pinhole) and was exhibited in various solo and collaborative venues in 2014/2015. In 2016 I have worked on a sequel to the series under the name Japan/Japin presenting Tokyo only pictures. Lensless photography is a different view of Japan, a country where old traditions and modern technology amazingly co-exist side by side: images of rickshaws mingle with the most advanced robots, ancient shrines blend with skyscrapers, rushing salarymen are joined by laid-back observers of life. This accelerated and at the same time slowed down rhythm perfectly fits pinhole camera (camera-obscura), which catches incoming light through the hole, made by a needle. “Slow” photography means that frame is exposed over a second. This is a luxury in our fast paced age. This, however, is precisely what makes photos different from regular travel images. Photos are hand printed using cyanotype technique, the process discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1842. All works are one of a kind, due to the nature of printing pictures where the emulsion is applied first, and then each image is toned.”


2005.08 Ratmores festival of culture, Rathmore(Ireland) - participant

2008.10 „Antipop‘s Art“ Kaunas(LT) - participant

2009.08 "Be spalvu" - solo - Kaunas (LT)

2010.01 "LT PINHOLE" - Palanga/Klaipėda (LT) - participant

2010.03 International Photographic Project PEACE LOVE PINHOLE

(Omsk, Tashkent - Russia/Uzbekistan) -participant

2010.04 "Goa International Pinhole Contest 2010"(India) -participant

2010.04 "PASAULINĖ PINHOLE FOTOGRAFIJOS DIENA" Klaipėda (LT) -participant

2011.04 Me, Monarch Goa Center for Alternative Photography(India) - participant

2012.08 CAMERA OBSCURA/PINHOLE Kaunas(LT) -participant

2013.02 "Nejudėk!" Kaunas (LT) - solo

2013.04.26 "Pinhole Patagonia" Santa Cruz (Argentina) - participant

2013.06 "KITI 4" Klaipėda (LT) - participant

2013.09 "Nejudėk!" - Panevėžys (LT) - solo

2013.11 "FOTOGRAFFITI" Kaunas (LT) -solo

2014.02 "JAPIN" Panevėžys (LT) - solo


2015.02 "Watercolor paper" Bratislava (Slovakia) - solo

2015.04 “Exposed” Viena (Austria) - participant

2015.06 “Revela-T” Barcelona (Spain) -participant

2015.11 “In the rush” Bratislava (Slovakia) -solo

2016.05 "Touches of Time" Kielce (Poland) - participant

2016.11 "Japan/Japin" Galanta (Slovakia) - solo

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