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ANDRIS KOZLOVSKIS - In The World Of Socialism

17.4.2012 – 13.5.2012

Andris Kozlovskis is Latvian photographer, working and living in the Capital Riga. He studied at Faculty of photojournalism at Photocentrum of the Union of Journalists of Russia Federation  and at University of Latvia Department of Communication and Journalism. He attended many solo and group exhibitions all over the world. He was awarded 1st  prize “Press Photo of Russia ‘2004” in category Daily Life Series  on photo documentary “Russian steam, bath in Riga”, 2004, Moscow, Russia. The project „In the World of Socialism“ was exhibited at the photo festival Noorderlicht in The Netherlands.

Short author's statement:

The exhibition title is "In the World of Socialism" and documentary images taken in street photography tradition depict quite surreal  imagery with goal to portray occurrences of common socialistic behavior as found in modern Cuba and Belarus. Surreal feeling is mostly achieved by the use of infrared photography. The photos are taken with custom re-built digital camera that accepts infrared radiation - the invisible light. The choice of the technique for this project is metaphysical - to put emphasis on invisibility of the often rapidly vanishing traces of socialism, at the same time using the realistic language of documentary photography. Andris Kozlovskis uses infrared photography thus pointing to hidden meaning sometimes invisible to the untrained eye of general viewer not sharing the common soviet past, and to be decoded by those sharing the common code.

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