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Home Exhibitions Central European House of Photography Irena Armutidisova / CZ / Horizons of Fog 5.-30.10.2016
Irena Armutidisova / CZ / Horizons of Fog 5.-30.10.2016
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In her latest series Horizons of Fog Irena Armutidisová continues to photograph rural landscapes, seeking motives and details that may bear a meaning beyond a mere time limited message.

When looking at Irena Armutidisová’s pictures in Horizons of Fog we may notice that her works might be better understood by means of progressive steps. At first glance we can clearly see what the pictures of the series have in common: an almost “minimalist” geometric line and the light, which – here as well as in the artist’s earlier landscape series – is represented by clear, almost architectural arrangements of natural forms. However, against this rational order, each image is pervaded by something seemingly odd and shapeless – fog. It is sometimes dense, or permeable and half translucent, rising or falling, or perhaps slowly winding over vast fields like a serpent. It is caught by the artist at specific moments when she presses the shutter release, as something which is stable and unchanging, contributing to the visible construction of the image. This might be the right interpretation of the word Horizons, since fog doesn’t have any solid borders. However, it allows us to perceive more precisely visual natural objects in the picture.

Jiří Kroupa

Doc. Mgr. Irena Armutidisová
* 1956 České Budějovice

Graduated in the Secondary Arts and Crafts School Brno and the Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University, Opava. In 2012 she was granted the academic title Docent (assistant professor) in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology. She began her teaching activities in 1996 in the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno, giving lectures to the students of the seminar of art history, since 2001 she has been in charge of the Studio of Photography, Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology. Her theory lectures in line with basic photography work practice mostly involve the topic of art in photography. At the very beginning of her teaching practice she introduced into her instruction given to her art history students a series of lectures on theory of photography combined with photography practice. She carried out several successful photography exhibition projects with both Brno universities´ students cooperating.  
Photographs of Irena Armutidisová are found both in the Czech public and private collections as well as in foreign galleries abroad. 

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